Lower voices needed!

Always keen to enhance their choral balance for the perfect performance,  Concentus is looking to top up their Tenors and boost their baritones and basses.  Already too technical for you?  Well, the choir is looking for lower voice ranges to join them.  Whilst this usually means men, a low voice can very much be non-gender specific, and we already have one Tenor lady!!

Men's poster 6 chj 3.jpg new phone.png

Sing low…?  Sing in the shower or bath?  Concentus want to hear from you!

With plenty of sopranos and altos already in the choir, the members who sing in the lower register want to swell their strength and sound.  Singing a part that is not generally the tune can be a challenge, especially if you don’t read music, so there is strength in numbers!  If you have a voice that think would blend well with theirs, then why not give it a try? You won’t have to sing a solo (unless you want to of course!), and plenty of support will be given by the rest of the choir.

Come and join us!!